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46 Derry Rd., Unit 1, Hudson, NH 03051
​Gentle Yoga
Whatever brings you to the mat, stress relief, pain relief, building strength, increasing flexibility, looking to energize you or looking to relax you, any and all of those things will be achieved in this class. It is a great balance of ropaNa Yoga’s relaxing, lengthening poses and strengthening poses done with a slower pace with emphasis on proper alignment, breath and meditation. This is a wonderful class for a beginner or for a moderate Yogi looking to deepen their practice. You will leave feeling relaxed and ready for anything life throws your way. - All levels of ability.​

Blended Yoga
Blended Yoga blends more gentle postures with more invigorating postures to bring you the deep into the unique style of ropaNa Yoga. This class is taught for all levels of ability. Using breath and movement to decrease stress and increase strength and lengthening of muscle to increase your overall health and leave you feeling energized, refreshed and calm. - All levels of ability.

Yoga Flow
In this class we will practice "meditation in motion" as we flow through traditional yoga postures with a ropaNa twist. By building heat and using balance, control and surrender we will work to remove physical and mental roadblocks to deepen our practice and free our authentic selves while attending to breath, alignment and a steady awareness of the present. All levels are welcome and each student is encouraged to work within their own level of ability. Moderate level of ability.

Yoga Balance
The amalgamation of all our yoga classes rolled into a one hour class. The Gentle beginning to class, the Blend breath and movement and the Flow of our more rigorous postures.  Get your heart going, stretch all those tight areas and breath your way relaxed all on your lunch hour!

Teen Yoga
Empower your teen with the tools she will need for a lifetime! This class will teach your teen to connect with her body, learning awareness of self, acceptance and confidence. The ability to calm oneself is invaluable. Your teen will walk away from this class ready to take on the world! (ages 12+)

**NEW! Personal Training 
Looking to get into better shape but need some one on one motivation and know-how?  Maybe you are looking to build strength, muscular endurance, gain flexibility, lose weight, tighten and tone?  Or do you need a program designed just for your limiting condition?  Or maybe you would like to run your first 5k?  Whatever your goals your program is designed just for you and designed specifically around whatever your short and long term goals are.  Meet with Dena one on one to begin reaching those goals.  She will combine years of teaching and training to help you to feel better, get fit, have more energy today!

**New! Small Group Personal Training
Looking to build strength? Muscular endurance? Gain flexibility? Burn calories? Trim your physique? This is the class to do that! Join a small group to lift, tone, stretch and work that body in to shape!  Classes are taught by Dena a Certified Personal Trainer.  If you have any limiting conditions, Dena has experience creating programs for those recovering from injury, surgery, and limiting conditions such as Crohn's Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis and Akylosing Spondylitis. 

Ballet Strength!
​Ever think about trying Ballet? Maybe when we were kids right? Now you can and work it into your fitness routine too! Classes are taught by long time ballerina Catrina Ledoux. Be prepared to sweat! Expect to leave feeling like you got a great workout, stronger, more flexible and fantastic! You will have that ballerina body in no time! No grace or coordination required :)  

Creative Movement & Dance! ages 2-6
Both boys and girls love dancing to current, age appropriate music and getting to use fun props to learn the basics of dance, rhythm and instrument play through the use of fun games & dance choreography!



The camps this summer were great!  Looking forward to 2015!

Yoga & Jewelry Making
Ages 12-16
June 23-27 9-3
The camp will teach postural awareness, acceptance of self & confidence. The ability to calm oneself is invaluable. Learning that connection between mind & body is a re-source that will be used over & over. The physical benefits are equally as important. The strength, flexibility & balance Yoga teaches is priceless. You are invited to relax, breathe, strengthen & stretch your mind, body & soul. The camp will also include jewelry making! The girls will learn new skills to make different styles of earrings, bracelets and necklaces. We will practice beading as well as woven styles. They will take home those creations at the end of camp!  This is the official Yoga Camp for the City of Nashua so REGISTER HERE!
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Ages 12-16
July 28 - August 1 9-3
Beginners are welcomed ages 12-16. Taught by long time teacher Catrina Ledoux.  Come join us for a fun week of dance! Strengthen and stretch your body while learning the basics and more of Ballet, Jazz and Lyrical. Come make new friends at our friendly new studio in Hudson! Bring your friends & have a blast!
Include camp, name, address, contact info & any limiting conditions